Underground Pipe Wrapping Services

VJC Insulation has carried out a number of pipe wrapping projects within the Oil & Gas and Bio-Chem industry. We have successfully completed wrappings for pipes in Diameter range from 6 inches to 36 inches. Most of this work was carried out acting as a sub-contractor to well known main contractors.

A wide range of products are available ranging from the traditional Petrolatum tapes, ideally suited for small to medium diameter pipes, where no primer is necessary and application by hand or wrapping machine is quick and easy to multi-layer systems using bitumen backed acrylic tapes and liquid top coats.

In addition, by carefully selecting the most appropriate lining material and paying special attention to detail such as terminating the lining in flange rebates, VJC Insulation can provide new pipe work with long term corrosion/chemical protection and refurbish badly damaged / corroded pipe work, giving it a renewed service life well in excess of the original installation.

We are specialized in wrapping materials such as:

  • Denso Tape Wrapping
  • Polyken Tape Wrapping
  • Bitumen Wrapping
  • Fibre Wrapping
  • Epoxy Rubber Wrapping


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