About Us

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V– Versatile

J – Job wise

C – Caring


VJC INSULATION, an upgrade of VJC Enterprise has been in the industrial sector for the last 15 years. Our main scope of work is Insulation and Refractory services for Oil and Gas, Bio-Chem, Bio Diesel and other Industrial sectors. We have completed numerous projects around East Malaysia: from south of Johor to the north of Kedah.

For eight consecutive years, we are the insulation and refractory maintenance team for Petron Refinery Port Dickson. We have successfully completed large number of projects by maintaining our reputation and continuously providing our best quality services for our clients.

VJC INSULATION is to provide value added services at competitive cost with complexity of the certain project to supplement our clients with satisfaction and success. It is our aim to offer our clients with the most comprehensive and responsive services at reasonable cost.

We are proud of our ability to organize and mobilize our equipment and manpower to facilitate any project in the most efficient and effective way possible.

We are confident that our high skilled workforce, energetic personnel and our reputation will ensure our company as Specialist in the Insulation and Refractory Services as we are:

 Versatile, Job Wise and Caring.